Wirex brings back integrated bitcoin card for UK, Europe

Wirex, the bitcoin wallet and banking app announced the return of prepaid cryptocurrency spending to the UK and Europe, with the launch of new hybrid accounts. The company provides exchange between fiat and cryptocurrencies and has now made available its new current account and contactless debit cards for users to spend their money.

After popular card issuer WaveCrest was dropped from the Visa network, Wirex is one of the only providers in Europe to allow spending in cryptocurrency with an integrated debit card from multi-currency (GBP, EUR, USD) enabled accounts.

The new integrated accounts provide the flexibility of traditional financial services – such as bank-to-bank transfers – with access to real bitcoins.

Pavel Matveev, CEO, Wirex said:

“Wirex is the only provider in Europe right now to offer crypto, converted into fiat for everyday spending on cards. Transactions in stores, buying goods online or withdrawing money from ATMs just got much easier. We were the first to bring such cards to the world and now we’re the first to bring converted cryptocurrency accounts with new contactless debit cards.”

Wirex Features

  • ‘In account’ bitcoin purchase, sales and transfers for speed and convenience
  • Individual GBP e-money accounts with unique sort code and account number
  • Free and instant bitcoin transfers between Wirex users
  • Immediate currency conversion between BTC, EUR, GBP, USD

Wirex Cards – cryptocurrencies converted to fiat before loading cards

  • Free Contactless debit cards for Wirex multi-currency (GBP, EUR, USD) accounts
  • 3D Secure support for secure online payments
  • Physical and instantly available virtual debit cards


  • UK: Now, as of March 9th, 2018
  • EU countries: Available end of March
  • Japan and South East Asia accounts available soon

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