Want to Win Bitcoin (BTC)? MonteCrypto Game Launches Feb 20th


Yes, you read that right – it is possible to win a single Bitcoin if you can defeat a new video game that launches very soon. MonteCrypto: The Bitcoin Enigma is set to launch on Steam on February 20th.

Steem is a cryptocurrency used to power the Steemit platform; a blockchain-based social media platform aimed at incentivizing users to create and curate content on Steemit. Each creator gets rewarded for their work.

Currently, there is a 40% discount if you buy the game on its release date, costing only $1.19.

The game itself is a first-person viewed game, similar to that of Call of Duty. It features 24 puzzles that you have to solve while making your way through a haunted mansion. What’s cool is it allows you to play as a team or you can play just individually. Each member will be able to leave clues or lead someone off track throughout the maze for others to find.


Source: MonteCrypto

This sounds like an extremely cool game and well thought out. From what I can see, it doesn’t break any of Steam’s rules on games. The game developers have given out an initial clue on the game’s FAQ page. The first clue links to a bit of code on GitHub designed specifically to help game players crack their Bitcoin wallet password if they only remember some of it. As the game gets closer to launch, the team behind MonteCrypto will release more clues, so check the page’s source code frequently!

Look for the game video at the bottom of this post!

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Win More Bitcoin

There are other ways to win Bitcoin if you didn’t already know. It took someone THREE years to crack a puzzle within a painting that landed them 4.87 Bitcoins. Obviously worth a LOT more than when the painting originated.

The same team behind the painting is designing a new game named “Neon District” and it will have 15 ETH hidden within it.

Happy Gaming folks!

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Features Image: Pymnts

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