Verge (XVG) is Actively Pursuing PayPal/Venmo

Verge (XVG)

Last month, Verge (XVG) made the big announcement that it was partnering with PornHub. The coin saw over a 330% increase in anticipation for this partnership announcement.

Source: CoinMarketCap

XVG hit a 90-day record high of $0.109 on April 17th, immediately following the Pornhub announcement, but since then has simmered off.

Recently, a reporter at The ICO Journal spoke to a consultant for PayPal who said:

“Venmo will announce something by the end of 2018 and the idea is to attempt to one-up Square by bringing 5-10 cryptos onto the platform right at the outset. I can confirm that Verge is seriously in the mix.” 

Currently, PayPal and Venmo are attempting to rival the Square Cash app and are considering adding cryptocurrencies to their Venmo platform. It seems Verge has its eyes on the prize, as being added to this platform would be monumental for the cryptocurrency.

A source at Verge responded to the potential partnership and said:

“There is nothing in this industry like momentum, and we have it right now… Yes, we are pursuing any and all partnerships, but the payments partnerships are at the top of our list… Venmo is on the ‘verge’ (lol) of doing some next level stuff and we are hitting them hard to be included. I feel good about the possibilities there, I will say that.”

Will it happen? Who knows. The team seems extremely determined and they did just seal the huge deal with PornHub.

Steady Moves

It seems the team behind Verge has their eyes set on multiple different partnerships to push its privacy coin into mainstream use. 23 hours ago via Twitter, Verge announced another smaller partnership.

TrafficJunky is an online advertising giant and it will now include payment options for XVG. This new service will be available May 7th and onward. TrafficJunky offers clients access to over four billion daily impressions and now they can pay for this service using XVG.

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