Svandis and Cindicator partner for cryptocurrency trading analytics

Svandis and Cindicator today announced a strategic partnership as part of the Cindicator Symbiotic Network. At the core of the partnership, Svandis – a platform for crypto asset trading and investing analysis – will provide Cindicator with early access to the novel ecosystem of analytics tools and data.

Users will experience an enhanced data-driven experience in both ecosystems, benefiting their overall market proficiency and potentially impacting a trader’s likelihood of success.

Cindicator will add Svandis’ tools to their Hybrid Intelligence platform to provide its community of analysts with easily accessible data, so they may make more informed market predictions.

The Svandis ecosystem consists of a unified analytical and visualization platform for analyzing cryptoassets. The data-entry process couples automatic data mining with incentivized data submission from Svandis users. Svandis users receive SVN tokens for data submission and by running a data processing app on their devices.

Svandis is led by Hermann Finnbjornsson, CEO and Co-Founder of Svandis, who is a veteran of the tech world, having founded the first cryptocurrency exchange in Iceland, an electronic voting system, and a digital token card for multiple-purpose payments.

Mike Brusov, CEO of Cindicator, commented: “Cindicator and Svandis share a similar vision for better decision-making in crypto markets and beyond. While we are approaching this issue from different angles, there are strong synergies in combining forces.”

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