Metaverse partners with Zhejiang University for Blockchain Technology Laboratory

Professor Hongxin Zhang, Ph.D. in the Department of Mathematics of Zhejiang University (ZJU), paid a special visit to Shanghai on May 4th. While in Shanghai, Professor Zhang had an in-depth conversation with the founder and CEO of Metaverse Eric Gu. They shared opinions on blockchain related applications and discussed their partnership to co-establish the Blockchain Technology Laboratory. Metaverse CTO Chenhao and product director Simon also attended the meeting.

The Blockchain Technology Laboratory will bring together academics and students to collaborate on blockchain research and development, with a focus on industry-inspired problems. Metaverse will support the lab financially, and provide technical support as well.

Zhejiang University (ZJU) is one of China’s leading higher education institutions and enjoys an esteemed reputation worldwide. Dr. Hongxin Zhang previously worked at Microsoft and contributed to the core development of Alibaba Cloud Computing. He has rich experience in research on artificial intelligence and distributed algorithms and currently provides blockchain technical consulting services to governments, banks, and other institutions.

The partnership will cultivate Metaverse’s core business areas — cryptocurrencies and blockchain related technologies — and nurture and develop talents in these areas for the broader Chinese market.


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