Cryptocurrencies for Kids: A New Business Opportunity On The Crypto Sphere


The cryptomarket has entered most sectors – from charity to gaming to banking, the use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies have been incorporated in many areas. However, there has been one sector left out (perhaps because of legal fears); the market for children. Children and cryptocurrency is a taboo that many have refrained from discussing, but nevertheless, a team of developers and designers have created Pigzbe: “A piggy-wallet powered by Wollo, a family-friendly cryptocurrency.”




The main goal is to allow children to develop in a safe environment that lets them experience an approach to the reality of cryptos without the corresponding risks associated with this type of investment.

According to the website, Pigzbe has several uses:

For the family:

  • Sending money to the children’s wallet securely.
  • A reward program which deposits coins to the child’s wallet after they meet certain objections.
  • Management of children’s pocket money allowance with regular Wollo transfers.
  • A micro-finance network among family members.

All the while, the child benefits by:

  • Participation in an environment that promotes saving.
  • The training and education the app provides internally.
  • Buying goods in the real world with their acquired tokens, subject to prior authorization of the parents.


The idea for this type of blockchain came from Filippo Yacob, who was at the time CEO of Primo Toys. This company also brought children closer to the world of computers through a Woodblock set that made children have fun while learning to code.

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The project is planned to be funded through an ICO starting in June. It (like most ICOs) will not be open to North American residents. However, given Filippo’s track record and the characteristics of the project, it is hoped that it will be a success once it begins to be adopted.

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