Bodhi prediction market announces cross-chain Ethereum integration

Only weeks after a successful launch of the Bodhi Prediction Market platform on the Qtum mainnet, the Bodhi Foundation has announced today its plans to expand the Bodhi prediction market DApp (Decentralized Application) to support the Ethereum platform.

This will open the  Bodhi prediction market to many more users, which will facilitate more accurate predictions. After launching the Qtum mainnet more than two months ahead of schedule, the Bodhi team says they are confident in their ability to support multiple chains without affecting the original plan for the Qtum chain.

To facilitate Bodhi’s support of Ethereum, and to ensure that the platform is jointly managed by users from both communities, the Bodhi Foundation will issue a new token, BOE (Bodhi On Ethereum), based on the Ethereum ERC20 token model standard. The BOE will have the same 100 million total supply as the Bodhi Token (BOT).

In order to protect the rights of BOT holders, Bodhi will distribute BOE as a free airdrop to BOT holders at a 1:1 ratio via participating exchange partners. This token is purely a utility token for the purpose of enabling access to the Bodhi platform by Ethereum users, and will not raise any additional funds.

The Bodhi Foundation, as the current holder of 40% of total BOT, will also receive the corollary BOE tokens. The Foundation will disclose and publicize the wallet addresses of both the BOT and BOE tokens held by the Foundation to ensure transparency. Both BOE and BOT will follow the original plan laid out in the white paper to lock the BOT and BOE tokens for the original duration.

Participating exchanges supporting free distribution include, Bibox, Allcoin, LBank, and BigOne.

To receive the BOE airdrop, users must deposit BOT onto the above-mentioned exchanges before May 31st, 23:59 GMT+8. BOT not on these exchanges is unable to receive BOE.

On June 1st, 23:59 GMT+8, exchanges will credit all BOT users with the same amount of BOE. After the Bodhi Foundation and exchanges finish the token distribution, BOE will be listed for trading.


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