AdHive vs. Sapien: Which Social ICO Reigns Supreme?

AdHive vs. Sapien

AdHive vs. Sapien. Both are social-construct ICOs, each with their own focus.


AdHive’s ICO is set to begin on February 21, 2018.

AdHive is going to be the first AI-controlled influencer marketing platform that uses blockchain. AdHive is about native advertising, advertising that blends seamlessly with the content being created naturally. Specifically, AdHive focuses on video/digital advertising. Digital advertising has now surpassed television advertising and video advertising accounts for approximately half of all digital advertising.

Setting up advertising campaigns or one-offs with various platforms, websites, blogs, etc., takes a long time and requires a lot of negotiating. AdHive automates this process and increases its efficiency, allowing advertisers to get content placed on an unlimited number of channels. AdHive’s AI will directly contact all social influencers that produce relevant content for the ad campaign. The time it would take to place an ad through AdHive with 50 different social influencers is the same amount of time it would take to contact just one influencer.

All transactions on AdHive are processed with AdHive’s token, ADH. This includes all of AdHive’s revenues. The number of ADH tokens that were initially created for the ICO is all that will be created ever. Any unsold ADH tokens will be destroyed after the token sale ends.

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How does AdHive work? It’s simple. First, you, as the advertiser, launch your campaign through AdHive and allocate the amount you want to spend. Then, AdHive’s AI finds the appropriate influencers; these influencers are contacted and can choose to accept the campaign. When an influencer accepts, the AI will then be able to track when the influencer publishes the native ad, which is often via their YouTube channel or Instagram page.  The AI has been designed to recognize when the ad message appears in the video and the payment to the influencer can then be processed. This is done through an Ethereum smart contract, the influencer receiving ADH tokens as payment.

AdHive is looking to disrupt television advertising by developing an active community of vloggers and other digital social influencers. These types of influencers often have a much larger following than television channels. The main goal of AdHive is to facilitate an easy way for advertisers to launch huge international ad campaigns that are more effective and more instant.

Vloggers, bloggers, and other social media influencers will be able to register for AdHive to participate in the ad campaigns and be given a chance to create monetized media content.


Sapien is currently in its pre-ICO stage, which is set to be completed on February 15, 2018. Its ICO is planned for March 3, 2018.

Sapien wants you to “take back control over your social experience.” What does this mean? It means that Sapien is going to be a democratized social news platform that will mitigate troll comments and work to reduce fake news. Ultimately, Sapien is about producing quality content that people want to read and engage with.

Sapien wants to reward content creators and curators with its token SPN. The platform is looking to promote quality contributions and create an autonomous social network by giving users a voice. Users can tip each other SPN for making good, useful posts or comments and the creators of those posts/comments will also be able to receive SPN payments from Sapien.

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At its core, Sapien is about democracy, privacy, free speech, and customizability. Sapien believes that users should have a say in how content is distributed and be able to tailor their social experience to their tastes.

Some of Sapien’s features include switching between public and private modes, subscribing to channels you find interesting, contributing to the growing community, and fully engaging in the experience by sharing, commenting, allocating SPN to others, and receiving SPN for your valued contributions. Users will be able to build up their reputations on the platform and that reputation can then be applied to areas outside of Sapien.

SPN is an ERC20-compliant cryptocurrency and has been built to be a flexible token on the Ethereum blockchain. The value of SPN is taken from its ability to collaboratively distinguish high-quality content.

AdHive vs. Sapien

When it comes down to it, AdHive and Sapien are very different concepts within the social realm. AdHive is about the advertising that generates the conversation, while Sapien is about facilitating those conversations. Interestingly, these two platforms may be able to work in tandem together some day in the future. The influencers that AdHive is targeting may be able to build up their reputations via Sapien and gain an even greater following, thus making them better candidates for AdHive’s services.

Currently, it should be noted that Sapien has a better rating on ICOBench (4.7 for Sapien and 4.4 for AdHive). However, this may be influenced by the fact that AdHive is further along in its ICO than Sapien at the moment; once Sapien begins its regular token sale, the scores may even out. AdHive has significant ratings across the ICO community, being rated ‘Stable+’ by ICORating and 8.2/10 by ICOMarks, for example.

Sapien looks like it will be more applicable to the masses, whereas AdHive will be useful to businesses and those with large followings.

Which ICO do you like better, AdHive or Sapien? Let us know in the comments below.

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